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What is

In you can find products and services of a great number of Lebanese stores. You can also find the contact information and location of each store.

Here, stores can also list open vacancies and job offers, in addition to the list of products/services.

Do you own a store? Add your store now, we have special offers (for a limited period).

Special Offers? For how long? offers great deals for a limited period of time. Contact us and reserve your store. The special offers are valid for a limited period only so register now! Even if this period passes, you would still pay based on the agreement you did during the offer.

For more info, check Add your store.

How to add your store

Welcome to !

Do you have a store that you want to add? You are in the right place!
Here’s the good news! By adding your store to the website you will be able to :

  • Add contact info of your store (Address, Phone, Etc..)
  • Add your products/services along with pictures, descriptions and corresponding prices. (Do you want us to add your products for you?).
  • Specify whether you have open job vacancies. Visitors will be able to apply to jobs online.
  • Visitors will be able to search for your products.
  • You will be granted login credentials so you can add products whenever you want using your own account.
  • Send SMS to your customers directly from your account (in case you registered in the SMS package).

Are you interested in even more exciting features? Continue reading…

If you don’t have time or knowledge to add products, that is OK!
We can take professional and high quality pictures for your products and add them to your store within 5 business working days.

You can also add your store to our special two lists:
Golden list stores
Silver list stores

You can also get a special direct link to your store :
(ex:, so your customers can access your products and store information simply by writing the direct address.

Click on any of the above links for more information about these offers.

To add your store please contact us.

Do you want us to take pictures for your products,then add them to your store ?

You are interested to add your store to our website, so every internet user in Lebanon and the world can check it, that’s great, but you have a problem, you can’t update your store information or add your products/services to the site, because you don’t have much time, or you don’t want to bother yourself by learning how, or simply because you have so much stuff to do ?

Well, we understand that, you can now relax, and we will do all the work for you.

Just contact us, and we will send a professional photographer to your store, he will take pictures for all your products, in addition to their price and description, and our team will add them to your online store, for only $30.

For more info : check our Price List

To add your store with this special offer please contact us.

What is a Silver List Store ?

You can register your store in the silver list stores, so your store will appear in the home page.

if you are interested in more features,please check the Golden List offer

For more info : check our Price List

To add your store to the silver list please contact us.



What is a Golden List store ?

You can register your store in the golden list stores, so your store will appear in the home page, and also it will appear in the golden list stores whenever you click on your store's category.

For more info : check our Price List

To add your store to the golden list please contact us.

What if I want my own domain name ?

We also have a domain forwarding feature, let's say you have a store called 'example', we can register for you and then it will be automatically redirected to your direct link :

For more info : check our Price List

To have your own domain name linked to us please contact us.


Price List (Special Offers)

Below are our special offers and for a limited period of time.
(Stores who benefit from these offers, will continue to pay according to this price list and won't be affected when the special offer period ends). :


Stores come in different sizes, you may have few products, or you may have hundreds of products, we have packages for all types of stores whether your store is small, medium or even a big store.

Package100 You may add up to 100 products/services. ($100 / Year)
Package200 You may add up to 200 products/services. ($160 / Year)
Package X You may add unlimited products/services. CONTACT US

Please note that it's possible to add/edit/remove any product and replace it by another one, the only condition is that the total products at a specific time shouldn't exceed your maximum package limit.

Adding/Taking pictures for your products by a photographer $30


Extra Features :

Silver List Golden List Direct Link
$20 (2 Months) $90 (6 Months) ($100 / 1 Year)
$50 (6 Months) $150 (1 Year)  
$80 (1 Year)    


Silver + Direct Link Golden + Direct Link Domain + Direct Link
$150 (1 Year) $230 (1 Year) ($150 / 1 Year)


To subsribe to one (or more) of these offers please contact us.



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