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Le Snob: Cigars

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Category Arts & Entertainment
Author Colin Ganley
Pages 144

For those of us who appreciate the finer things in life, "The Le Snobs" are your guides to the work of skilled artisans, culinary connoisseurs and inspired designers from around the world. Evocative and richly appointed with little-known facts, this book is about savouring the world`s most sophisticated tobacco products to the full. It celebrates the fine distinctions between brand, place, tradition and taste that elevate cigar appreciation to an art in itself. "Le Snob: Cigars" reaches across the Caribbean from the powerful tobaccos of Central America, through Cuba`s rich aromas, to the Dominican Republic`s finesse to show you the finest cigars available today, and why it is worth being a snob about the cigars you choose to smoke. With the cachet knowledge every expert must possess, plus authentic insights into the lives and skills of cigar producers, "Le Snob: Cigars" offers impeccable advice on all aspects of this traditional, from pronunciation to professional tasting techniques. The book also features an authoritative directory of rare and prestige cigars to help you explore the very finest international styles in greater depth.

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